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03-08-2004, 12:14 PM
occasional detonation;

if i have good fuel pressure under load, and assume that everything else is ok, can a stock fuel regulator still work badly ie; I'm getting a few quick pings (enough to be concerned) upon initial loading while accelerating hard suddenly (2/3rds part throttle). Is the initial rise of fuel pressure delaying a little (leaning out for a second), then coming up to normal? It goes away after the intial load, and i never experience it at WOT.

OR, is it more likely due to the short bandwidth of the stock o2 sensors?

Again assuming everything else is working good, can the BAP sensor cause intermittent detonation, mainly under sudden initial acceleration load (part throttle again)? The original is on the car and i have no idea if these things need to be replaced (i have 158k miles on the car, and replaced most sensors and modules but ignored the fuel regulator and BAP).
Injectors and MAF are fine- already done some diagnostics and the car still detonates a little occasionally even after swapping back to stock parts.


03-08-2004, 02:13 PM