View Full Version : need help w/ heater hoses

03-15-2004, 01:32 PM
First, I did spend 1.5 hours this morning searching.

My car doesn't have the original heater hose/tube combination. The previous owner replaced them with 3/4 hose. He also deleted the stock oil cooler and replaced with it an after market oiler.

The hose from intake is routed according to Helms. Althought 3/4" hose.

The hose from water pump is routed along the left (passenger) side of the engine. Cann't order the correct assembly to re-route because the water portion of oil cooler was eliminated.

The water pump hose runs down below/behind the jackshaft pulley, then comes up behind A/C compresser, wedged between shock tower and intake tube, over top of inlet plenium, then runs down behind engine and connected to the proper heater core tube.

1. Any way to route this hose better?

2. Is 3/4" the proper size hose to use? Cann't seem to get rid of water leaks at heater core tubes. Slow dip follows both tubes into interior.