View Full Version : What a deal(for n/cal guys only) you guys need to read!!!!!

07-29-2001, 07:19 PM
I would post this in the classifeds but i want you folks to get the first crack at this(being that all of you live within driving distance). I'm getting my hands on a 90-SC silver 5-speed parts car. You folks have first choice.
Hit in right rear 1/4 panel(please keep this in mined).
Miner front end damage-Miner rear end damage.
Inter. is grey cloth-bucket seats,and rear(non-spit) nice shape!
Inter. is in nice shape all the way around!
Running gear is in good shape from nose all the way back,CAR DOES RUN.
ABS is inop.....!!!
This car is all stock!!!!!!! NO modds
Some of the very small things you folks might want are free (you pull it you can have it) I will pull some of this stuff for you gents,depends on what is. But I will have to make money on the bigger stuff.
I'm only going to offer this for a short time to this board and members only. I got a fair deal on this car,I'm willing to pass on some of my good fortune to my friends.
You can e-mail me with what you need(GONE14S@aol.com).
If theres no interest than I'll put the car parts on all boards.
EVAN e-mail me with those parts you needed.

Kurt Sr

Rob Noth
07-30-2001, 12:40 PM
Thanks for giving us first crack at the parts! I sent you an email with my Christmas list :)


07-31-2001, 01:31 AM
Hey Kurt,
Sounds like you have a good deal going on here.
I'll have to see what I need and I am sure I can make it worth your time.
D Rainer