View Full Version : Chicagoland t-bird meet

03-22-2004, 08:20 PM
ANYONE INTERESTED,it's gonna be a t-bird meet in Downers grove on this saturday at 4:30pm(march 27-th).We've allready have over 10 guys coming from TCCOA. here is the link for more info; http://forums.tccoa.com/showthread.php?s=&postid=305150#post305150

03-22-2004, 08:42 PM
If I didn't have work, I'd love to attend. Oh well.

pro street rich
03-22-2004, 09:28 PM
I don't want to drive all the way to the other end of the world...Tell me that this is closer....PLEASE...... if so and the rain holds off,you might get me to come down.....Rich

03-22-2004, 09:47 PM
yea its closer. only by 15 miles or so.

get your maps thing out, follow 94 south to 294 south to I-88 West, three miles to Highland top of ram go right, first light (about 100 feet) thats Butterfield, go left, hooters on left at first light portillos on right after the first light.

03-23-2004, 01:05 AM
If I can get a least one running as two are down and one with no plates I might be there.

03-25-2004, 01:02 AM
Well the 93 5 speed swap went off with out a hitch and the car runs surprisingly well so my son might be able to make it but my fuel pump is still in the box and not in the car yet. If I can get it done on friday I will be there.

03-26-2004, 07:54 PM
Any one else going as its going to be a nice day. :cool:

03-26-2004, 08:17 PM
I didn't put my SC back together because I'm still waiting for flywheel. I'll take mark 8. I'll be there for sure
scbird1-we can go together if you want

NEVER MIND I just received the flywheel now If I w'll spend all night at the garage maybe can get it done, If everything is gonna work out good I w'll take both . SEE YOU GUYS THERE

03-29-2004, 11:59 AM
I haven't been around here much lately been messing with my Lexus(s) for the past few years. I haven't been drivin my SC for a while either but still love it, everytime I go to finish the thing somethin happens, but anyway its gettin a couple body things done at the body shop and it will be out in the next month, and I am sure I will be adding some more goodies for the summer. Your meet was right by my work, any real nice SC's in the Chicago area, haven't seen too many...show some pics

03-29-2004, 07:19 PM
You should have stopped by as there were a lot of good looking LX`s as well as SC`s.