View Full Version : Raced a newer Cougar

03-23-2004, 07:23 AM
I was a at big meet last saturday and its almost all ricers, except the 2 turbo mustangs me and a 347 mustang(if anyone wants to come to these and live in the dayton ohio area pm me)... I was minding my own business when i see a car fly up behind me and start riding my bumper. So I got on it and i looked like he hit his breaks... but he diden't i just pulled away from him. so he swirves in and out of traffic. Now by this time i noticed this car is uuuuugly its got a wong better then me a hudge body kit and stock wheels. Amazingly we catch a light and were both first we dont rev but he starts inching up.. by this time i noticed the hott lil lady in the passenger seat and she looks over at me and smiles. Then the light turns green I was staring at her so i dident pay attention hes about a car ahead of me when i got traction, but by the time i hooked up and hit second he was way back and i hit about 95 slowed back down after the sc ate all it wanted.. I slow down to turn and to my surprise he flys by meturns his flasers on. :eek: I got the ricer fly-by :mad: that kinda pissed me off casue i roasted him.. but it was funny.

03-23-2004, 01:55 PM
The guy I talked about in the post before this did the same thing. I beat him in a drag, then when I let off when the race is over, they keep going and do the fly by. That pissed me off so bad, why can't they just accept they lost??? hehe