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03-29-2004, 12:22 PM
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I am rebuilding the front suspension on my '92 SC (upper and lower control arms, swaybar end links, strut rod bushings, etc.) and I highly recommend RockAuto as a source for "stock replacement" parts. I ordered all Moog pieces because of the grease fittings on the upper arms and end links. As it turned out, one of the upper control arms was the TRW unit (sealed balljoint). The Customer Service Dept. (Colleen) provided info on how to return the incorrect part, and got me the Moog part in less than a week. The true test of a parts vendor is how they respond when you have a problem. RockAuto passed that test with flying colors!!! :)

They even have a link to the SCCoA website in their "Car Clubs" section.