View Full Version : Another MILITARY Signature- Rules of rank

05-02-2001, 05:24 PM
This is mine,how's this:

GENRAL:Can speak to God,Can stop a locamotive with a cold stare,Leap very large buildings,Walks on water.
MAGJOR:Can talk to God on a nice day only,Order the train to stop,Leap smaller buildings,Walks on water on a calm day.
CAPTAIN:Can talk to God only when spoken to,Can reconize 1-10 trains,Leap houses,Can walk on water with a running head start.
SREGENT:Goes to church to pray,Can pay toll to ride trains,Can jump mole Hills,Swims in water only if its a heated pool.
PRIVIT FIRST CLASS:Wants to know who God is? Just jumps in the air,Plays with elc. choo choo's,Walks around big holes in the gound,and drinks water.
Please for give spelling..thanx
Kurt Sr