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04-10-2004, 12:33 AM
Where did my post go? It was here on Thursday and now its Friday where did it go? I have had my car for sale on here for about a month so what happened to it? I did a search and the site can't find it so whats up? It was title 1994 Super Coupe for sale in New England in the cars for sale section. So if anyone could help me please give your info. I don't really wanna repost it because it takes for ever to upload pictures using 56k.

04-10-2004, 08:11 AM
Due to the number of posts in the classified area we periodically "prune" back posts that have been on there for some time with no activity. I would have to check with Ron on the exact date, but it looks like all posts in that forum have been deleted that have had no activity since 3/10/04.

Your missing post appears to have been originally posted around 1/11/04 and must have gathered no responses since 3/10/04. You still have many posts offering your car for sale in response to wanted ads. A version of your for sale post is still on the New England board with no responses since 1/25/04:


I found the link to your original post here:


The link in that post no longer works because the name "host.sccoa.com" is no longer used since our upgrade and issues with our service provider. But it is where I found the old post number and was abl;e to determine the age of your post. The post referred to in the above link has been deleted.

If you are still interested in listing your car in the classifieds, you will have to re-post. If you can host your files somewhere on the net, then you can upload them one time and then just link to the pictures in your post.