View Full Version : engine knock, did some stuff, ran codes, code help

04-18-2004, 08:35 PM
Sorry this is so long...

Ok I'm having engine knock under heavy throttle. So far I have cleaned my maf, replaced fuel filter, plugs, wires, used dielectric grease...So some of the codes have gone away after that and resetting the computer. Still knocking though. koeo has only 172 now which seems to be lean condition right side. koer shows 172 - lean right, 225, knock not sensed during dynamic response test, 536 - brake on/off switch circuit failure, 632 - doesn't show in my book??? I found online one place that says 632 is for the e40d (truck tranny?) "632 (R) E4OD - Transmission Control Switch (TCS) should be cycled once between engine ID and Goose test " found that here...http://dalidesign.com/hbook/3digit.html

Ok so anyway I'm guessing knock sensor needs to be replaced. but what about the 536 brake failure switch, my brake lights - or at least the 3rd one works. Is that about the tranny brake pedal sensor maybe? and what's up with the 632? possible they used the wrong electronics on my tranny rebuild 100k mi ago? anyway I tried cycling the transmission through the gears at different times but any time I did it the codes didn't come out after. Anybody have any insight what the 632 is talking about? I actually care about the trans codes too because it does shift very slowly. If I go wot in 1st it will bounce off the rev limiter pretty bad if I hold on the gas...well any help is much appreciated. Oh, also, will I need any special tools to replace the knock sensor?