View Full Version : :D all your supercharger are belong to me!

04-18-2004, 11:33 PM
No, I do not own a super coupe.

Yes, they are cool cars.

what do I own? -- an rx-7(no, not an xr-7 :p), 90 GXL to be exact.

so why am I here? you guessed it, I want your supercharger.

but I don't really know a lot about them, so I was hoping you guys could point out a few things for me.


Is junkyard shopping not reccomended, or is it fairly easy to tell if the supercharger is going to last a while or is about to go?

I know the 94+ superchargers are better than the xx-93 ones, but were there any other divisions I should be wary of? What makes the 94+ better?

Is rebuilding a supercharger something that I should leave to the pros?

is belt slippage a common problem, and at what point does it occur?

any sites/resources besides this one that I would find valuable?

anything else?

I know that custom fitting this is going to require some precision, which is no problem, but hey, I like adventures so pile it on :D

04-19-2004, 01:14 AM
Hey Nonameo,
Here's my take on your questions-

If you can find a supercharger in a junkyard, I say go for it. But, I know that everytime I go into a junkyard I cross my fingers to find an SC or XR7 to start pulling spare parts from. There are rare to find in a junkyard.

Look at the front snout of the sc right behind the pulley. Check for fluid leakage. There is a seal right underneath the pulley. Rebuilding a supercharger is no problem really. Take of the 8 bolts or so that bolt the snout the the casing and take the pulley off to expose the seal, the shaft and the fluid chamber (drain the fluid out first). There's not much to mess up in there. Now, if your talking about porting the casing and dealing w/ the rotors, leave that to someone else.

The 94 and up sc is better due to the square intake whole being larger than it's oval predecessor. The rotor were epoxy coated makeing it more lubricative and allowing the tolerances to be tighter giving the sc 20 more horses. Check out this link on the Super Coupe site http://www.sccoa.com/articles/blowerbuild.html