View Full Version : speedometer not working

04-25-2004, 12:07 PM
I got my car out of storage a couple weekends ago and was driving it around for a while. After driving for about an hour or more the speedometor stoped working. :confused: Then this weekend I had the car out and when the speedometer stopped working I also noticed that odometer and the tripodmeter stoped working too. :mad: I asked the local mechanic that I know he said to try the speedometer. I asked the parts department who much it would cost they said it cost $140.00 + 20%. Then the manager where I work said that it maybe the sensor in the tranny. If anybody can give me a better idea I would appreciate it.

Oh yeah, it only seems to act up once it gets hot.

04-25-2004, 12:54 PM
I had the same deal on my 90 auto. It was the speed sensor on the transmission. Autozone had it for about 20$. These cars dont have a cable driven speedo like the older cars (its all electronic.) Before you go buy the part, check that the wiring didnt fall off, and check for corrosion on the terminals. I think there is only 2 wires going to the sensor. A Haynes manual or the dealer can tell you where the sensor is located. Good luck, JJ

04-25-2004, 01:08 PM
anyone have a picture of that sensor on the trans, i have a 91 5-speed, just finished the project and the odometer and speedometer dont work. i have ahaynes manual and it doesnt really show a whole lot for the VSS.