View Full Version : Well, WE'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!! The website I mean

05-05-2004, 08:51 PM
Well, after hours of tedious work on my part (YEAH- RIGHT!!!!!!), on Jim's part, the website is back up and ready to go.

Unfortunately, we also lost all the old posts which really sucks (oh well) and we also lost all registrations. :eek:

Please go back to NJTACC.COM and re-register if you were a member before. You can use your old username or create a new one.

Anyone new, please feel free to join the boards and join us. :D

Again, you will have to re-register to be able to post.

Thanks again,

As always, we can always post here on our SCCOA board.

If anyone needs info, call me at (973) 277-4294