View Full Version : 3.8 L V6 to 5.0 L V6 STROKER KIT???

05-27-2004, 12:20 AM
I heard of a possible 5.0 L stroker kit for the Ford 3.8 L. Can anyone verify this or provide more info? I know this probaly won't apply to you SCer's but to us NA's who have so leachingly attached ourselves to this wonderous site and it's wealth of knowledge it provides us in making our weak (or not in the actual V8 5.0) 3.8 NA better.
Wish I coulda started out with an SC anyway. :D

05-27-2004, 01:45 AM
I think some guy named RGR mentioned it before. He planned to offset grind a 4.2L crank to 4.4l or 4.6L and run chevy rods. But I think it's only good for N/A applications. Also involves boring the block to it's limits and sleeving.