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06-04-2004, 09:46 PM
Hello All,
In the Last week, I've had some issues come up with my cougar.
Last saturday night, I was out screwin' around with some friends in Kingman. I went through the first and second gear at WOT and after second, My battery light came on. Since I didnt have any tools/etc... in Kingman, I had to make the trip to tucson the next day before I could tear it apart and work on it. The whole trip to Tucson, the battery light would come on and off, but the car ran like a champ, the stereo, ac, etc all worked fine. After I got back to Tucson, I drove the car as little as possible until I would have time to look at the car, but during the few times I had to drive it, a few things have gone wrong.
Now my radio will not work correctly. when I first start up the car/ have the car at idle, it will work fine. But as soon as i get the revs on the engine up to about 1800 and higher, the volume will just become silent. if i put a draw on the electrical system(Ac/Windows etc..) after the volume drops, it will come right back, but then fade back out after a few seconds.
Secondly, When i had the headlights on, i noticed that when the car was idling, the lights and interior gauge lighting was quite dim, but when i rev the engine or just drive around, the lights will get SIGNIFICANTLY brighter until i let off the gas, then the lights will get very dim, followed by one chime.(the same chime that comes on if the door is open and the key is in the ignition.)
What is goin on with My car? Is the Alternator toasted or my whole electrical system fried?????

Sorry for this post being a novel, but I wanted to describe everything in detail.

Andrew Olson

06-05-2004, 12:16 AM
Just sounds like the regulator is going in the alt. You do know its made in Japan right. Change it out and you should be good to go. Stay away from auto zone on this as we have replaced ours 3x due to going bad after a mounth or two.

06-05-2004, 12:30 AM
as for the regulator, can I replac that separatly, or do I have to buy the whole alternator assy. as for not going to autozone/checker, i guess that's why i need to replace the alt/regulator since the one in my car is from checker........


06-06-2004, 08:52 AM
sound like more of a short ..than the altenator/regulator...least it sound like it's running off the altenator..if your lights get brighter.. with more revs ..check battery for volts not running ...11-12 volts normal ...then start..should jump to around 13 volts @Idle ....check the cable coming off the negative terminal [the little black cable with the fuse in it] for a good ground ... on the rad header support ...I know the lights ..don't like that being disconected ...then check battery cables ...I replaced a positve cable before ...rotted out from the inside ....if it is the regulator .. look for signs of boil over in the battery ...if it's sealed look for signs of swelling ...and after a drive feel how hot the battery is ...and if it's about to explode from over charging...replace battery ...could have an internal short ...also check your belt ...make sure it's still in range of the tensioner ..and not slipping ...dave