View Full Version : Engine light/EGR problem

Joisey Jim
06-15-2004, 12:23 PM
I've recently been getting code "335", which is the EGR transducer (presume that is another name for the sensor) voltage 'out of range' and, the light now stays on all the time. I originally found it in memory while checking something else, but on the way back from Carlyle in the pouring rain the light came on permanently. I caught the end of another link on this subject and someone else's experience was that the silicon hoses were bad. They are hard to evaluate in their position, but I don't see any splits in the hoses, only that one rubs up against the heater hose that's passing thru the firewall. I wonder if Duffy or George has any ideas on how to trouble shoot this without just replacing the EGR & the sensor first (looks like another ~~~ job and I'll probably need to remove the wipers and lower windshield apron to access them).
thanks, Jim.