View Full Version : Rice and the ridiculous

07-06-2004, 05:44 PM
:eek: You gotta love it.A guy in a mid '90's Mazda 929
decided he wanted to race.Had one of those fart can
mufflers.Took off from the light,chirped my tires a little.
I could here his motor winding up,biut nothing happens.
I'm already doing 80.Beat the crap out of him.I'd say
maybe 1/2 mi to next light.He catches me as I slow for a
light."Man you got a fast car" I holler " Supercharged"
"You gotta give me a lead" I laugh to myself I don't think so!

07-07-2004, 10:45 AM
How was that race even worth the gas? ;-)

07-07-2004, 11:07 AM
Just to here him say"You gotta give me a lead"
was worth it.Besides anytime you smack rice it's all
good! :cool: