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07-23-2004, 08:13 PM
While I was installing an ic fan I found a neat way to drastically cool the intercooler (temporarily) using a yamaha r6 fan (it is a sealed motor, I dont know about the 800 cfm you guys use) and a kind of mister set up like you can buy at any sporting goods store to keep cool on a hot day, you know you pump up the little bottle full of water and open a little valve and it sprays mist that blows all over you and makes you feel like your in air conditioning. I sprayed it on the intercooler with the fan on for about 5 minutes then checked the temp of the intercooler tube and it was WAY cooler (again I dont remember exact temp this has been a few months ago) So I built a bigger version using some stuff I got at lowes and atwoods ( a farm supply store), I put a 3 gal tank in the trunk and used a fuel pump to pump the water from the tank down lines under my car and out sprayer nozzles fixed to the ic. I REALLY felt in in my drawers. Then I got the idea to jack some of my uncles methanol (alcohol evaporates at a cooler temp than water and thus cools more efficiently, downside is flammability) and mix it with the water to increase its cooling ability (I mixed several batches and tested each for flammability, I think 80% water 20% alcohol was the highest I could get without it catching on fire with a torch, but I would suggest re running the test as I am not sure of the numbers) anyhow after I ran it for a few minutes the IC tube was even more cool (again I dont remember the numbers) Do any of you gurus think this could be detrimental to anything, I would imagine it would be like driving in the rain to your motor, but sometimes my crazy inventions tear up more than they fix.

07-23-2004, 08:16 PM
Only flaw is that over time, from cycling the IC from hot to cold, you can risk cracking the core, so I've heard, never seen it happen though.

07-24-2004, 08:57 AM
Check out this thread. :cool:


07-24-2004, 02:43 PM
Do any of you gurus think this could be detrimental to anything,
Well I'm not a guru,but I've talked about this type of setup with a friend of mine who's an engineer at Chrysler. He runs a setup on a Daytona IROC(turbo) that uses a wiper fluid pump. He uses wiper fluid and says it does have some flammability as does your mixture. He's .2-.3sec faster 1/4 mile over running without the spray. He also said there is some issue about cracking over time but not enough to worry about versus the gains.
I was asking about a spray for my car and that's when he was telling me about the misters being more efficient. I'm coming to you for all the details when I'm ready to do mine.
What supplies the pressure on your system?