View Full Version : Rat Ate My Wiring!!!!!

07-27-2004, 12:28 PM
I got this cheap 89 5speed car with a rod knock. It only sat in my yard for about a week before a rat went under the hood and made a HUGE nest. Ill try to take some pics. It also chewed thru any wiring in its way.....AC compressor line, DIS module on the AC bracket, and it nibbled on some other wires. Dont worry, I will do ALL in my power to kill it. I really wanted to know if the car 1) ran and 2) the AC worked! why do I always get dumped on? Also my 3year/36000 mile tranny started leaking all over the place in (well, not technically 'IN') my 93 after less than a week/150 miles!