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08-08-2004, 11:34 PM
Hey guys. Haven't been here in a long time, been busy with other things. But I wanted to know how do you know if your clutch is slipping, how much a SPEC clutch is going to run me, can I install it myself? Also, where can I get new body pieces? I need a new front left quarter panel, so it alligns the door properly. Also, how loose is yall steering? My wheel is very sloppy, I think a bearing or something is blown. Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, how do you know when to change your O2 sensors? Finally, is there anything us poor college students can do to make the exhaust louder? Should I cut off the pipes off of the end of the mufflers or can i put holes in some parts of the tubes? Sorry for the rambling. My car is seriously making me mad right now, mainly the clutch problems. Thanks for your help!!!!!!

08-09-2004, 12:28 AM
Hey Steveo86.
I'm a newbie myself but have been looking at replacing and upgrading many areas on my 94 SC.
In regards to your clutch question, one option is to order one thru AutoZone. It is a standard clutch set with a lifetime warranty. Again it is a standard set. Or you can get a clutch set thru through SuperCoupePerformance (SCP).


They have different stages (levels of performance) of SPEC sets to choose from (starting at $245). I am thinking of getting the Stage II for my car. 140K with original clutch. No slip yet Thank God.

As for the steering I would check your Strut Rod to control arm bushings first. My passenger side was shot and my drivers was on the way. T-birds are notorious for wearing these out. The lower control arm will shift front to back causing a real bad pull especially on braking. Also check your rack & pinion and bushings including the inner and outer tie rod ends.
If your not sure find a shop that will inspect your suspension (hopefully at no charge) to fill you in on what is bad.

Now as for the exhaust, I would not recommend cutting off the pipes at the mufflers. You may end up with a really annoying drone at cruising speed (like putting your head in a metal garbage can while a buddy sands the outside with an orbital sander). Plus the possibility of getting CO inside your car. There are a bunch of exhaust threads to read before you dive in. I am in the process of deciding how I want to upgrade mine as well. So far from what I have read, the best thing is to replace the resonator with a larger one (Flowmaster) and increase the size of pipes. As for a chuck-and-jive method I'm not sure what to do. Maybe inexpensive performance mufflers?

As for the O2 sensors, I believe they can be tested somehow (not sure maybe or maybe not). Or you may begin to get fault codes from the EEC computer when a sensor is on the fritz.

Now for the quarter panel, check the parts for sale forum, thats where I would start or your local bone-yard.

I hope some of this helps.
Good Luck!