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08-13-2004, 05:04 PM
Hey guys do you think I should purchase a rebuilt power steering pump or just get a new one from Ford ?

Also how hard is it to install? Should I attempt it? if not how much do you think labor would be?

Still Crusin
08-13-2004, 06:14 PM
Depends on how much money you want to spend/save. I just recently did this job myself and I consider myself a novice mechanic.
I purchased a rebuilt p/s pump, brand is Cardone. So far, I've got a little over 600 miles on it and am satisfied with it.
Cost difference is significant between a rebuilt one and a "new" one from Ford.
Depending on what type of part it is, I generally try to stay away from purchasing from Ford due to high cost.
I did, however, buy the EVO from Ford. Many people just transfer the EVO from their original pump to the new one.
Do a search for "power steering pump" and you should see all the threads you need to help you decide which way you want to go on this.
Why do you want to replace your pump? Have you ever had the fluid in it changed?
For me the job was time consuming and I decided to go ahead and change my plugs and wires since access to the drivers side plugs was much easier with the ic tubes out of the way.

08-14-2004, 07:45 AM
oh because it doesnt work and its louder than my exhaust now :-)

I can get a ford unit for $150ish what is the EVO?

08-14-2004, 02:34 PM
its the sensor/valve that reduces the pwoer of the power steering pump aso you go faster so you get a better feeling of the road and gives you full power at low speeds

08-14-2004, 07:06 PM
can u give me some advice and hints to get the job done? I will attempt it next week.

Still Crusin
08-15-2004, 01:49 AM
I don't know if you've ever changed fluid in the pump or checked it, but if you haven't, I would highly recommend you do that first. You may not need to get another pump.
If you have checked/changed fluid and pump is still loud then your probably correct in changing pump.
Biggest headache for me was pulling the the p/s pulley off. It's pressed on and you will need a pulley puller/installer tool. You can either rent them at autozone or you can purchase one. I think they go for about 20 bucks if memory serves.
It took me awhile, but finally got pulley off. You need to remove at leat the upper ic tube, the lower one is optional. I removed it too since I also changed my plugs and wires.
Just remember you'll need either some teflon tape or get yourself a set of tbird 88's ic gasket set. They are highly recommended, easier to install and are supposed to be reusable! I bought a set of these gaskets and am happy with them.
You also do not need to remove the upper ic tube where it meets the sc outlet adapter(sc top). If you do remove the upper ic tube there, you'll need a spanner wrench to re-install. I just removed the 4 bolts where the sc top bolts down and removed it with the upper ic tube still intact.
You don't need to remove alternator, once you loosen the 13mm nut that is at bottom of the large bracket that holds the alt and p/s pulley and pump, the whole bracket can move forward and you should be able to have easy access to the p/s pump at this point.
I highly recommend you search the posts for "power steering" and look at some of the other posts that have been done on this topic. I found them to be informative and helped me a lot and will mention other things that I may have left out here.
Good luck.

08-15-2004, 02:11 AM
I have done 3 of these this year, I have pretty much got it down. First thing you need to do is understand it sucks and will take a while, make sure youve got your patience with you.

The best place to start is by taking the upper ic tube off, everyone says you need a spanner wrench, I just use a craftsman strap wrench, always works. Then take it off of the ic, take the bottom tube loose from both ends also. remove your ic. take off our dis, alternator, (belt before all of this). Rent a pulley from autozone for $70 (you get the money back when you take it back and if you break it its their fault for using crappy tools) take your pulley off. This sucks by hand an impact with a wiggle socket is a big help. when you get the pulley off you will be able to access all of the bolts that bolt down your power steering bracket. Remove the bracket, p/s pump and lower ic tube. I know this sounds un necessary but it is a useful trick and actually takes less time. While you have this off be sure to inspect the ps hoses, a broken hose would really really suck, Ive been there. The stock p/s return line clamp is a piece of crap, replace it with a screw type clamp or risk redoing everything. With everything out attach the pressure line to your new pump and put some atf or ps fluid in the pump and turn the pump by hand until fluid comes out the return line. This will help prevent air bubbles, then attach the return line WITH THE NEW CLAMP remember this is experience talking. When you are sure everthing is tight and not going to leak slide your bracket back in and put a couple bolts in it to hold it in place loosely. Place your lower ic tube in and get it situated. Bolt on the bracket, tighten the lower ic tube to the bracket bolt your new pump in place (make sure you put the steel support back on) and then put on your pulley. Replace all the other stuff in reverse order. Be sure to put the alt hinge bolt in BEFORE the ic or you will be shortening the bolt. If you try to do this by just taking out the pump it will take forever and the lines arent long enough to really get them on good, and its all wreching. If you do it my way, air tools and ratchets all the way, everything is smooth and you know how well the hoses are on, plus a free pressure hose inspection.

08-15-2004, 04:28 PM
buy a quality pump so you dont have to do it again. I bought an autozone pump once and it quit 30 minutes after the install.