View Full Version : 1/2 hour down time due to extreme overheat situation.

08-14-2004, 03:37 AM
So, me, the wife and the '90 (auto) go to Vegas this past week (5 hour drive, 105 degrees Fahrenheit). After running the engine at a needle width past the "M" on "NORM" inside the temp gauge (gauge reads correctly normally), the car drives with noticible power loss (from heat???) and then proceeds to go from on to off within in matter of 20 seconds. a few drops of coolant are leaking out the bottom. (later found to be from a leaking draincock (time to get a new radiator from e-bay).).

Otherwise, everything looks normal. coolant leve is a "bit" above the hot-full mark. Engine cranks over and catches, only to choke itself out in a few seconds (4-5).

CHP said that the old 5.0's used to get some kind of vapor lock or something after getting down to 1/2 to 1/4 tank. Said to open up the gascap. That let some air out or in, but didn't make the car run any better.

Then, after about a few more tries at restarting the car, it finally turned over and held idle. (About a 1/2 hour later)

Drove the rest of the way to Vegas, drove to the Alladin's boo-fay, Drove to Fry's electronics, and drove back to to L.A. Area. About a tank and a quarter worth of gas per trip (conservative driving).

On the way back, it ran a little hot, up hill in about 95 deg. weather. But only had to pull over once to regain norm opperating temp. Mostly in the R to M range in "norm"

Once I got to cooler L.A. air, at night, it ran like an SC again.

One guess is that the DIS was crapping out.

Well, i've got a spare in the car, along with quarter inch driver and socket. so, if it dies again, i'll try switching it. but otherwise, the car has been good.

I think that the old tranny has seen it's better days, and was adding extra heat to the radiator (not good for coolant).

btw, the draincock came off the radiator today. Leak found! Emergency radiator being brought up by James tomorow. DARN, that was for the '93 as part of the Head-Gasket job. Oh well, guess i'll have to order another one.