View Full Version : Happy Easter! And do rise thereafter, eh ? (!)

04-01-2002, 06:31 AM
Hey, fellow Canadian'skys, like, where da heck
are y'all???

Why the silence? Why isn't there at least one
banter per month, or is that asking too much,
lol !!!

Anyway, signed on here to see what all you talk
or do, and find cold, Manitoban, true North, dead
cold, bland stare, nadda...?!

Hey, I have some foothold in Manitoba I must
share: Spent 1950 to 1955 in Bissett, Man.
Would love to revisit since leaving as a kid in
'56... So, get a damn meet organized so's I have
a good excuse to bring my awesome 35th out
there, plus some guns to plink in the woods when
I hit that road, whatever it is, to go to Bissett...
or what do you advise?

Peace, virgil