View Full Version : Engine rods

08-20-2004, 12:27 AM
I got really bored today and decided to peice together the spare motor i had that i got from my local High School for free. It was a SC motor that was torn apart, but i gathered almost all of the parts. I have all the main caps, pan, timing cover, oil pump, cooler, lower intake, heads, valvetrain, timing set, basically everything. I do not have all the pistons or rods, and the ones i have are trashed. The crank is in near mint condition, with no scores or anything on it. I was told that the motor was donated from Ford, and has about 20,000 miles on it.

I was getting ideas of building this motor either as a spare, or a top end motor. I'm leaning more towards a spare motor just because i want to keep the price down, and i think a properly tuned stock motor can hold up to some serious power.

Anyways i need at least a set of rods and pistons for this motor. I was looking on Ford Parts.com, and they list each connecting rod for $6.79!?!? Not sure if this is a missprint, but on 3 other ford parts sites i see the same thing, and there is even a diagram showing that part. I cant pass up this offer. The bores however will need to be bored about .030 over just because there is a deep score in #3. I found pistons in oversize for 29 bucks. So far i cant beat these prices. Should i even bother with these parts, and will they hold up? I'm making about 350hp at the wheels, but its properly tuned. What do you think?