View Full Version : sway bar bushing, mount installation...

08-24-2004, 01:17 AM
hey, how do u pop in the mounts for the front sway bar? is it easy? do i un bolt it off the end link?, also my passenger side endlink is loose, if i get underneath the car i can move it up and down about an inch or 2, the drivers side is stiff, is this the mount or the endlinks? or should i tighter down the endlink untill i get my new endlinks? is it hard to install them?

also i have a 91, which size mount should i get?

j rick kirby
08-24-2004, 01:59 PM
It's been a few years but as I remember it's pretty easy.Unbolt 2 bolt caps that are on orig bushings,pull off bushing and slide new one in place and don't forget to greasem' up good if they're poly so they dont squeak.I would go ahead and replace end links at the same time although if I remember you don't have to remove one to replace the other but you certainly will not benefit from new bushings with shot end links.Links were not expensive.I think you can find bar sizes by year at MN12PERFORMANCE.COM. I ordered my poly from Summitt(Energy Suspension).I think I had to order mine slightly smaller than the bar.That's ok and works fine.DON'T GET YOUR BUSHINGS LARGER THAN BAR.