View Full Version : Car started, pulled codes, water pump leak.

08-24-2004, 05:45 PM
Ok, I had my car put together for quite some time, and I knew that I would need to adjust the cam sensor to get it to start. I finally got the time to get out there and it was very very easy to adjust, I dont know why they even have a tool but anything to make some money. Now I pulled a code that says my EGR is not functioning correctly. I am hoping the computer is just taking its time to learn that I cleaned the blocked egr tube. My 91 did not have an egr, and it was much easier to deal with! also, my water pump is dripping, it is brand new and I torqued it correctly, however, I had to pull the studs out and put some teflon sealant on them just to be sure after I already torqued them, so my guess is that the rtv didnt seat well. I want to thank everyone for their help, and for the pictures of the cam sensor and such. I hope my car is on the road as soon as I get my new water pump gasket put on. Thanks!

One more thing...is it possible to get rid of the egr valve on my 89??? I hate those damn things!

Aaron Sheets
[email protected]

08-24-2004, 09:32 PM
Hey Aaron,
Do a search for "EGR delete".