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08-27-2004, 03:35 AM
Well i want to start off by telling you all how much help you have been over the years. Pretty much what has happened is i wrecked my sc last winter, bought a new body for it. Put the old engine into the body. Had to cut some wires and so on cuz the kid (a friend of my cousin) had taken the 3.8 Sc out and put in a 5.0. So i found a new harness and put it on.
Well come to find out the was a nice little mouse that ate through some of the wires that came with the 3.8 Sc engine i already had, so i am going to go back to the junk yard and get the rest of it, the part i am talking about connects to the dis and runs around the engine, I think maybe also to the cam sensor, because now when i turn the key on the check engine like and upshift light do not come on, they only come on when the key in is between the off and the on postion. and that is the only time the fuel pump runs.
Also the pinion and or gear is broke, i found on on ebay for like 25 bucks, it is an 8.8 posi gear from a mustang. i need to know if this will work. i have a 1989 thunderbird sc manual tranny. and lastly the stell plate that holds the gear shift in not the one the bolts touch but the other one under it is kinda rounded out a little and i can lift up on the gear shift, it has been so long since i drove let alone an sc i forget if it is a normal thing, so any help would be great, you guys are the best.


08-28-2004, 07:22 AM
i don't want to be a pain, i just need to get this fixed by tuesday when i move, i can't afford to pay to have her towned, and the disgrace a Sc being towed. ;)