View Full Version : Rebuilding engine AND tranny

08-27-2004, 03:32 PM
a crank bearing is going on me, giving me knocks and a bunch of other good stuff, my trannys gone as well, what great timming, i bet they're both related
so im going to need a rebuild on both, wondering what i should consider changing, im not doing too race stuff, just like being quick, i got a ported blower, ported heads, SC pulley, free flowing exhaust, CAI, 70mm MAF wondering what you guys think i should change, this is what i have figured out so far:

new N/L Art Carr torque converter
Soild Rubber tranny mount
2.0" OD band sprag kit
Art Carr Steel Input Shaft

Block Bore .030...will i need bigger pistons?
Billet Steel Harm. Balancer
New Feul pump...wat size??
new injectors...wat size??

thats all i have set out right now, if you would like to see anything changed, or added, or help out with sizes please do, i can use all the help i can get

08-28-2004, 08:00 AM
You will need larger pistons. Forged are stronger and more expensive, hyperutectic are same as stock. You need to order the pistons after the cylinders have been bored and measurements taken.

The BHJ balancer is a good upgrade but check into the correct crank bolt size (there is a post a few threads up), www.spinningwheels-sc.com is a good place to get a BHJ...

36# injectors are a good upgrade for and early model SC - they are stock on the 94-95's. A 190 lph fuel pump is also a good upgrade, but for a few dollars more many just bump up to a 255 pump.

Good luck!