View Full Version : 4R70W electronics question

08-27-2004, 06:08 PM
Evening all... Back in the day when I worked on cars daily the neutral safety switch was just that.. An off-on kind of simple switch that did or didn't allow the car to start unless you were in park or neutral. I've got a few questions for those in the know in the new electronic ages..

1. Could it be electronically possible for the switch on the side of the 4r70w fail and not let the EEC know that the car was in gear or in park?? Thus causing it to not adjust the idle and have an "idle low in gear at a light", and possibly not shift properly..

2. Could this condition cause the electronics in the tranny to revert back to some default no computer sensed default level of shifting? Kind of like you loose the blower, the bypass would at least get you off the road..

3. If any of these sounds feasable has anyone checked either the voltage on the pins on that switch on the side of the tranny or have the resistance readings you should see thru the P - 1 selection.

I could probably take it to someone that could answer these questions but hey I'm cheap, and I like to tinker.. Besides I've tried all the other answers for low idle and I'm not getting anywhere!!


08-27-2004, 09:05 PM
This may help a tad, I had a low idle / shuddering problem with my 94. I adjusted the idle screw on the throttle body, and wow, huge difference. I still am going to replace the torque converter, which I thought was originally my problem, due to a leaky rear main seal. I'd say give that a try, check the fluids, levels and colors, always helps.

08-28-2004, 08:36 AM
Thanks Alyn, the screw seemed like a mask of the problem to me, I've also got the shifting problem which leads me to believe that something isn't giving the proper information to the EEC. Like I said previously I've done all the other things to mask it, just trying fix it at this point..