View Full Version : Help with dash and heater core

08-29-2004, 11:57 PM
Ok heres whats going on, i'm doing the heater core in a 93 T-bird, i have almost everything out, the whole center console, the instrument cluster, glove box..all that stuff..i dont know how to take off the the piece of trim that goes over the instrument cluster...it goes into the radio box..that piece, i took the radio out, i took all the screws out and it just doesnt wanna come off..something by the radio is holding it..but i dont know..so i figured that could stay on while i take off the dash anyway..so I took off the screws along the top of the dash, the screws by the ashtray, and both screws by the doors...the dash is loose but it wont come off..and its driving me crazy what am i missing here...thanks for any help...and also is there a website that can give me a guide to doing the heater core?

08-30-2004, 01:26 AM
Are you talking about the black part, that is over the Gauges and stuff, cuz i might be wrong but you have to remove the vent cover, up by the windshied, on the drivers side, it just pops off, and there are torx bolts, on there, and that takes the dash off, at least that is how it is on my 89 Sc