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08-30-2004, 10:13 PM
I needed to get some service done on my a/c so i shopped around for a lil while comparing shops, prices and such and I thought i found a winner. They advertised all sorts of commendments and their affiliation with the Better Business Bureau, so I went with them.
I had my car in to the shop to get a recharge and new drier installed and for the most part everything went smoothly. The next day, I picked the car up right as the shop was closing and they literally turned off the open sign and locked the door since it had been about 20 min after the shop's closing time, so i didnt really have a chance to go over the car. A week and a half later, today, i noticed a mess of scratches on the front passenger fender, and I am 100% sure that it was the shop who did it. Im extremely cautious about dents and scratches, i always park on the other side of town in parking lots and i never allow anyone to lean on my car, so it is highly unlikely it happened elsewhere.
I went to the shop today to raise some hell, and the clown (manager) at the desk says that it wasnt them, and its been almost 2 weeks since they did the work so its my fault that i never came sooner. So we argued for a while and he said hes gonna talk to his guy who did the work and i gotta come back. The scratches are on the front right fender, the only place the shop worked on my car for the whole 2 days they had it. Im positive that they're from a zipper on one of the simpleton's coveralls at the shop who never laid down a work space mat or towel.
Any suggestions on what to do about this?

08-31-2004, 05:43 AM
That makes me sick, and it's not my car. :mad:

Black too !!! :eek:

Theres not much to do now. Get a digital camera, then when you drop the car off takes pics of the with the shop as a background. Then when you pick the car up go over it. Try and avoid picking up the car when the shop is closed.

I hope this doesn't come off sounding like, like you did something wrong. The only advise I can give is on how to avoid this or at least have some evidence that the car was not damaged on drop off.

Good luck in making them pay to have it fixed.