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09-07-2004, 01:35 AM
Well...i just got back from one of the most enjoyable road trips ive taken. The trip up to kamloops, BC was a cold and rainy(usually a bad thing, but intercooler was nice) Arrived in decent time and dirty as hell. My dads place is out of town by about 20 minutes and its a 4 lane freeway on the way to it from town and provided much time to burn as much fuel as possible...hehe. WOT a bunch of times for a decent distance, and did it perfectly. I hit rev limit on it once, going up a quick hill it hit. But OMG...cruising at 190 kph and no boost, i looked down after cruising at a speed for a while and realized that it was 190, and had the boost guage at 0, i looked at my buddy and we both had the biggest smiles. :D :D . It rained for the first few days on and off...but for the last two days it cleared up and provided some great driving conditions, including quite cool nights. My friend that lives up there just bought a 93 integra rs.(hard to believe considering his previous car was a 71 chevelle malibu) we cruised around for a night and he ended up tryin to get away from me a few times and could not succeed as i would wind up and spool right past him within a block. There was a mediocre late 80's early 90's camaro that rolled up on us and punched it as soon as he was beside us and i left him to read my back bumper at the next light. Definatly a head snapping sound since the intake has been put on, 5 lbs of boost in medium accel makes anyone look. :cool: The trip back to penticton today was a nice sunny day and lots of traffic to pass. Took a back road that its well known for being windy and fun to drive on that also by passes alot of city traffic called westside road in behind kelowna. We were cruising along there doin 110 around every corner enjoying the challenge when a crotch rocket comes up behind while goin through a little chicaine and tails us for a few kilometers and we are both ripping through the windy road. finally we hit traffic(another motor bike, cant believe it was one of these to hold me up) and he took of, but gave the big thumbs up on his way by. :rolleyes: The rest of the trip was fairly quiet and only saw one police cruiser, already had a MN12 cougar pulled over :( couldnt see if it was a xr7 or not. But anyways, my first oil change came on this weekend of course(timing couldnt have been better) i had my old mechanic there look over the car and do the oil change and run the EEC tester through it, all clean and looks great he said. So now im back at home and have to go to work tomorrow :mad: :( :o Anyways, though i would share the highlights of the first real milage ive been able to put on my new babe. oh yea...almost $300 in 94 octane over the weekend :P:P:P:P

93 AOD - exhaust, intake. www.cardomain.com/id/scmakeiv

09-07-2004, 02:15 AM
i miss the Okanagan valley very scenic area not to mention the drive to Jasper or Banff anywho i just finished a road trip in the SC myself roundtrip was somewhere around 4200 miles i was in Thunderbay ON 2weeks ago do'n the outdoors thing lotsa camp'n/fish'n. What a difference that northern air makes feels like i gained 25hp as soon as i crossed the border LOL! but i was very supprised at the summer rides up there immaculate hemi cudas, chevelles, camaros, firebirds, mustangs etc. i had a run in with a early 70's monte carlo very clean looked like it rolled off the showroom floor he wanted to play stoplight tag..........he got smoked but was gracious for the comps we gave each other a big thumbs up. I only spotted 3 SC's, all in Thunderbay all 89-93's a black one wasn't in that good'a shape, a red one it was pretty much immaculate i think it had black leather int also pretty much stock, and a white one with chrome cobra r's looked like it was probably not stock very nice car. All in all a good trip no probs with the SC and a blast on the interstate.

09-07-2004, 11:34 AM
I used to drive a motorcoach from Ontario, OR through the Omak, Penticton, Kelowna and Kamloops areas-was just after I left the Navy and was taking PT classes at TVCC-drove the college's semi-pro baseball team to games up there-can't wait until our club does a cruise through the area in 2006 :D