View Full Version : 2 races:firebird and 5-oh

10-13-2004, 10:58 PM
race number 1....well im a junior in high school and i am in auto tech class. we have some pretty quick cars in there so we had a king of the auto tech thing. i worked my way up the lader until it was just me and a 87 5-oh stang auto that has been bored .030 over and has a xpipe and flows, and a k&n filter. my car is a 92 5 speed with no air silencer and gutted cats, but still a paper filter ;) so we race twice to see who wins. i beat him both times and it was only off the line then he stayed about a car behind until 100 when we let off. good race. if he only had a 5 speed...... ahaha. RACE 2....... my best friends G/F just got a 2000 firebird v6 auto with aftermarket exhaust and a k&n. from what you guys said about the high 14s i was scared. but we raced 4, yes 4, times and the closest she ever got was 3 cars at around 70 and i was pulling hard. those cars arnt near as impressive as i thought :rolleyes:

10-13-2004, 11:01 PM
o and just wait the exhaust, 5% pulley, ripper shifter, and fresh air intake are coming in under a month, so no more being scared of stock 5-ohs or v6 camarobirds!!!