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10-17-2004, 11:57 AM
Brian Herron
Forum ID "FastSC"

8/19/04 - I sent Brian money for a chip using PayPal.
9/1/04 - I ask Brian if he sent the chip yet.
9/4/04 - I recieve a responce "yep it's on it's way, sorry for any delays."
9/17/04 - I tell Brian ive still never recieved.
9/20/04 - Brian says "ive sent out all of my chips, you should have recieved. Send me your name and I'll dig it up." So I did.
9/28/04 - I remind him again who I am, and ask "whats going on?"
9/28/04 - Brian says " This is the first PM ive received from this name, I'll dig the info up tonight. (ive sent him over 12 PM's with the same ID) Now I really feel like ive been ripped.
10/5/04 - I ask again " whats going on?"
10/10/04 - I still never recieved anything and am fed up. So I start writing a post in the "bad sellers forum". In the middle of writing it, I get a PM from Brian " I can not find any info on your shipment, I'll eat the the cost and send you a chip shipped overnight with tracking in the morning". Alright cool, I stop writing my post and wait.
10/17/04 - Today still have no chip.

I think I have been very patient with Brian. I understand he probally is busy, but I think two months is long enough. I have heard many good things about Brian. This is why I wanted to get it from him. I dont even want my money back, I just want what I payed for. Brian if you read this and do not agree about anything I've said please say so.

10-19-2004, 08:54 AM
well I hope it works out for you
Brian wrote me a EEC tuner file earlier this year and I paid xtra
he did send me the disc--but the car would not run with it
something was definately wrong ---I have a Dr fred file on another disc
which I can use and the car works perfect with
Brian left me hanging never fixed the problem--I dont even know what he sent
me on that disc--So I had to eat that $90.--

Better luck to you!
Josh Brianas

10-20-2004, 07:26 PM
sorry for the delays, I explained a few times that I work too much. But I did overnight it and it was sent on 10/11 via USPS expressmail. If I need to I can track it for you.

I sent you 4 email responses, on 6/30, 7/14, 7/19, and 7/22 communicating the problem with you. You never responded to the email sent 7/22 where I asked questions about your setup. That was the last correspondence I have had with you.