View Full Version : Motor mounts are a cake walk!

10-22-2004, 08:53 PM
Ok, you guys have helped with everything so far. The motor mounts were so easy!. I was freaking before I even started them thinking it was going to be tough. Well the only thing that needs to be out of the way is the exhaust manifolds. Ford may have added some really dumb brackets, bolts, and flux capacitors except one thing. The little lip protruding from the block under the lower head bolts closest to the firewall made it easy. Thank you Ford for something right on this car.

I took a 1x2 piece of wood 2 foot long. Put it on the jack under the car and jacked it up by the lip on the block...........woohoo. Other than the time it took to remove the manifolds. It was about an hour each side. Might not be the fastest......but, woohoo it was easy.

Jimmy 2Coupes
10-22-2004, 10:33 PM
You took the exhaust manifolds off to change the motor mounts? Now that sounds like a real pain in the a$$. I've never had to do that for a motor mount job but I did take them off when I put my headers on and thats something I'd rather not have to do again. Come to think of it, getting the manifolds off was pretty easy but getting the headers on was a bit(h, :D