View Full Version : Found a T-Bird

11-13-2004, 12:18 AM
First and foremeost, I want to thank everyone who has replied to my request for a Super Coupe on this board. The response was nothing short of overwhelming!
However, I want to let y'all know I bought a 93 T-bird tonight. It has 99k on the odometer and is in very good shape. It's not a Super Coupe unfortunately, but I couldn't pass up on the car. It's light green metallic with grey interior. It has the venerable 3.8L but it runs very strong. I will need to replace the cloudy headlights and I will add ground effects to the car when it goes into the bodyshop in the spring for a repaint. I will also add a Ram air hood to help improve it's looks.
Again, thank you to everybody for all the response and patience. I guess in the end, after the nightmare experience I had with my 87 Grand National, I just didn't want to end up in the poorhouse again trying to keep a car like this on the road. If I wasn't going to depend on it for daily transportation it would be a different story. Someday I'll own a Super Coupe, rest assured.