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11-15-2004, 12:12 AM
How much do you think I can TECHINICALLY get for this 89 SC???

College and credit card bills are kicking my butt. Now that I've poured time and money into this car, I am toying with selling it. I do not know if it is worth it though unless the money is right...I love this thing, but here it is:

White 89 5-speed.
New (under hood)
• Head Gaskets/bolts/valve seals (viton)
• Oil Pump
• Timing Chain/Gears/Tensioner
• Water Pump
• Radiator
• Radiator cap
• T-stat (180 Degree)
• All Hoses
• All Belts
• All new AC seals, new R-12 cold as ice!
• BHJ balancer, crank pick-up replaced
• Crank sensor
• Autolite Double Platinum plugs/Autolite pro wires
• 190Lph fuel pump/strainer/fuel filter
• Fuel Pressure regulator
• All new EGR componenets…EGR, Flex-hose, viton hose all from ford.
• K+N panel filter
• 70mm MAF upgrade (MOD) with electronics
• Mobil 1 Synthetic w/motorcraft filter.

• No bearing noise
• Snout Seal (CR) / Fluid refill with GM synthetic.
• 12PSI easy

• SCP high-flow cats to Magnaflow dual 2.5 in to 3’’ out back to 2.5’’ dual custom black coated exhaust.

• Full rebuild less than 7,000 miles ago, replaced clutch. Very, very smooth and strong. Shifter is not loose at all either.

• 80%+ tread front and back.

• All new e-brake cables
• Rear calipers/pads

• Brand new black carpet from ACC…steam cleaned seats, 1 minor, minor rip on bolster where entering/exiting vehicle.
• Grey interior (seats/dash)seat trim covers painted black, painted center console black. Very nice with the black carpet!

• It will come with a CD player, either aiwa, or Rockford fostgate. Both nice, one plays MP3’s. Stock front speakers, 2 way pioneer 5X7 in rear.

Mileage: 144,200 miles; all work except transmission has less than 1200 miles!!!!

I am sure I am forgetting something….I will take pics if it is worth selling, otherwise I will hang on to it and keep it running for a while.

No I have not taken it to the track, I think it is capable of high 14’s with more grippy tires. I have had 2 other SC’s in the past, and this one is extremely strong!

Let me know what you all think it is worth to someone on the boards…I have almost every receipt for the work done.


MIKE 38sc
11-15-2004, 12:59 AM
Honestly expect no more than bluebook value, unless you just happen across someone that just has to have it and willing to choke up the coin.

11-15-2004, 01:25 AM
o well, I was expecting that...looks like i'll be keepin git afterall, unless someone thinks otherwise, bu i know how these things go. damn fords...if this was a honda Id be getting 5K, only I wouldnt have had to do all of this stuff to it to make it nice.