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sc steve
06-26-2002, 12:19 PM
First off, for some reason my suspension is acting up. It is almost like my rear/drivers side shock is bottoming out on me. It only happens in FIRM RIDE though. When it is on auto and out of FIRM it rides nice and smooth, but as soon as FIRM kicks in and I hit a small bump or rut in the road it makes an awful "clunking" noise. Anyone know if this means I need a new shock or is something maybe messed up with my ride control computer? OK, Second thing... MY car is starting to get HOT when I drive her around. About a week ago it really started to happen, I drive her around for a while and the gauge will read around the "M" of NORM and that is at highway speeds. When I slow down or hop off the throughway it gets worse. This only started happening reciently and my radiator looks kinda beat. I imagine that I need a new one... any suggestions? Also if I have to get a new radiator, do you guys have any tips or advice on it? And finally.... my AC needs to get fixed. Any tips on testing to see if I just need it recharged or the whole unit replaced? Thanks alot guys

-SC Steve:cool:

sc steve
06-26-2002, 12:21 PM
she is an 89 SC.... thanks

06-26-2002, 12:46 PM
First double check your coolant level. Then look for any buildup of that white substance in your radiator that is a good indicator of substantial clogging. Check that fan is operational. Have you done a flush and fill recently? Is thermostat working? I just replaced my rad in my 90 recently after 170,000 miles...

Last summer, before I knew any better, I spent $1100 to fix my A/C. It is expensive to recharge the older style A/C units. If you plan on keeping the car you could convert to the newer system. When I was having problems with my A/C I would take it to one of those oil change places for a recharge and hope for the best. It worked two summers in a row until finally I was told that the leak was too big and they would not recharge it... Then many bux later it was converted and working good again. If you have to replace the compressor get a rebuilt one or even a used one if the seller guarantees that it works. Try to get components off of parts cars if you can cause it can be very expensive to repair.

Hope some of this helps and good luck!