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11-24-2004, 04:58 PM
8 weekends till the lsshoc's winter run and MSR. That's Sunday Jan. the 16th 2005 for MSR, Sat. the 15th for the winter run.

I need to start finding out who all we can count on for MSR. :)

You don't have to be at the track till noon the day of the event so some just drive up the day of the event and then drive home afterwards. So if your planning to participate at this MSR event please list your name here in this thread.

For you Houston people there should be a caravan coming up for your area that you can come up with.

Also spectators are more than welcome if you'd like just to come out and check out MSR you can do so, also passengers are welcome on the lead and follows.

For those coming from out of town that plan on making the winter run and in need of a hotel this is the place I've found http://www.staystudio6.com/reservations/index.asp?City=Arlington&state=TX&motelid=&enter=submit
rates are $47. a night plus tax for a single, $51. for a double. Plus the rooms have a full sized kitchnette in them.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at these events.


Doug Franklin
11-26-2004, 07:01 AM
www.motorsportranch.com On I-20, In the South West corner of Ft. Worth(Benbrook), take Hwy377 South from I-20 (Granbury exit). Go about 14 miles South to Cresson,TX which has one red light. Entrance is just before Hwy377 divids on South end of town. (Benbrook does have a Motel 6)

Below is an old letter I received from Jack Farr the owner of MSR. I have updated it a bit to match what Don is organizing.
The plan and times can be modified, but generally, a "club day" consists of a group of car/drivers that come out to visit MotorSport Ranch even during a member weekend - the minimum number we like to do is 20 cars, the maximum is 32. The cost is $100.00 per driver. There should be one driver per car, no sharing of cars. We allow passengers on the two "lead and follow" sessions, but not in the later sessions. Helmets are not required during the "lead and follow" sessions, but are required for the open sessions later. MotorSport Ranch has a supply of helmets for rent for $10.00 each. Each driver and passenger is required to sign the necessary insurance waiver.

Participants arrive before 1:00 p.m.
Beginning at about 1:00 p.m.
Intro and safety meeting #1
Lead and follow session #1(with pace cars,no helmets required,passengers allowed)
Classroom session #2
Lead and follow session #2(with pace cars,no helmets required,passengers allowed)
Classroom session #3

Beginning at about 5:00 p.m. (maybe earlier)
Break into two groups
more experienced
less experienced
Run two 25 minute sessions per group
no pace cars
helmets required
no passengers allowed
alternating sessions
up to 20 cars on the track at the same time
passing allowed only on the two longest straights
drive as fast as you feel comfortable with

Someone from the club is usually responsible for dealing with all the participants. It is highly recommended that the organizer of this event accept a non-refundable deposit (or payment in full) from the interested participants as a firm commitment of their intent to show up.

This program has proven to be a winning combination, is well structured, safe, and accommodates both the beginner and the more experienced drivers.

There is no problem having many cars and spectators show up, but we must limit the number of cars participating in the track sessions to 32.

Saturday seems to be the prefered day for a "club day" at the Ranch. Some Sundays would be available if you wish to do that.

Best regards,

Jack Farr" (owner MSR, and edited by me to match Don's event)

Some other suggestions: It is recomended that you start with a full tank of gas. Exxon and Shell are in Cresson. Maybe an air gauge to check tire pressures is good as you will probably need to increase pressure in at least the fronts in a bird. Air hose used to be available but have not seen lately. Will check on this. Also empty the trunk and back seats and floor board of any loose objects is a good idea. Plenty room for that. I take spare out as well.