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Douglas Walker
11-29-2004, 08:50 PM
Email Address: fredholz@comcast.net
User Name: fred 4 pt 3
Vendor/Individual: Individual


Well the name pretty much says it all. Im just another sucker that was pulled into the black hole of the great doctor. Ive been waiting for 1.5 years for a set of heads, a cam, and a intake manifold. I am now to the point where im so fed up that I feel I have to post this. I sent him my parts with the idea I was going to get them back.

Along with the parts I sent a check for an undisclosed amount. On top of that I drove atleast 1000miles to trade 2 almost complete motors for some cost of the work. Which I thought was more than fair. I had no need for them. For the first month he would call just to keep me updated but after that it was all down hill. To cut to the end i call no answer. I leave messeges no return calls. I email and yes no return emails. One month ago tomorrow he said they were done and I still yet have the chance to see them. The best part was he said he forgot about my stuff and that it had been done for almost 2 months. Its funny how all my emails and messeges never got through?

I did recieve my cam but that only took a year. So it looked promising then and now its just a joke. Everyone always says what a nice guy he is and when I met him I thought the same. Everyone said he has a good product. So I took the chance. My views have changed. I have nothing good to say for the man. He is a poor salesman. I know Im not the only one but I hope Im the last one to do business with him. I could go on and on even attach the promising emails but y bother. Because everyone that has waited knows what im talking about.


PS Parts were received and I have to say it was well worth the wait. Sorry Fred I had to vent.

12-06-2004, 08:12 PM
i am still waiting for my cam, its been 2 years, he never cashed the check and i had to cancel it, but i still never got the cam...still waiting fred still waiting i know how you feel Doug, i wrote a giant post on how i hate him and people flamed me saying hes a good guy...he might have been a good guy, but still havent heard from him, he never answered my calls, or my e-mails either, id still like to give him a piece of my mind...oh well at least there are plenty other good sc guys on here