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06-27-2002, 11:57 PM
my tensioner pulley for the sc belt is worn out and very noisy. I have the stock pulley on the sc. does anyone know where to get a replacement tensioner pulley and the part # for it. Thank you in advance for any help.

06-28-2002, 03:08 AM
Actually yes you can get the set of 3 from SC Peformance but there have been bad things going on about there buisness or so I have heard. So order at your own risk. You can also go directly through ford to get them I just don't know the part #'s off hand...sorry

Les Borda
06-28-2002, 07:12 AM
Try hitting your local auto parts store, up here in Canada we can get the Dayco replacement steel pulleys over the counter for about $22.00 each(Canadian dollars). They work great and somehow fit the belts better than the Mustang replacements you gte from Ford.
You will not find the correct sized aftermarket pulley for the supercharger, not even from Ford unless you go back to the plastic ones. You end up with all 3 pulleys the same size(the SC one is smaller stock). They work just fine being all the same size.

06-28-2002, 08:13 AM
autozone has em for like 15 bucks a peice i think

06-28-2002, 11:53 AM
Someone previously mentioned a Dayco 76 MM part that would work, #89007 that can be sourced out of many auto parts stores.

From Ford you can order Motorcraft part #YS-23(#F8KZ-8678-AA) Metal Pully kit that includes all 3 pully's. Note that they are slightly narrower than the plastic ones but will work.

All of these options are under $40.

06-28-2002, 12:05 PM
There has also been mentioned a Dayco 89016 that is the 76mm (3") diameter but is a little wider than the 89007.


Just got back from CarQuest. They have the Daycos repacked in their boxes. The 89016 is definately the way to go. It is clearly marked for an 8-ribbed belt and is much wider than the 89007 that is for a 6-ribbed belt!

06-28-2002, 03:28 PM
thanks all for the replies. I work at a Carquest and thought it would be the 89007 pully but it is listed as 76mm. My stock one is 70mm and the belt just barley goes on with the tensioner pulled all the way loose.

06-28-2002, 03:47 PM
You are correct the original SC tensioner pulley was smaller than the other 2, but I have only seen the 3" (76mm) in the aftermarket.

johnny o
06-29-2002, 07:09 AM
The only place to get proper width and size ones these days is www.embreemachine.com and they are $75 a pop. The other choice ofcourse is the 3" ones that will work but they are not quite wide enough but are only like $15. The Embree ones are nice though.

Les Borda
06-29-2002, 05:17 PM
George that is GREAT, so Dayco does make a wider one after all. You da man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotta see if I can some how order these up here in Canada and then I don't have to play lets move the bearing in or out cuz the belt is a just fit for the 89007 pulleys.