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01-05-2005, 12:35 AM
I just bought a 94 intrepid and drove it back from OH over the weekend,but i should have waited and bought another sc which is what i wanted to begin with.The car does need some work but i bought it for $1050 and have just put all the following on the car...
Vacum Lines
Front Pads
Front Rotors
Front Tires(used but in great shape)
Hub Caps
Air Cleaner
PVC Valve & Hoses
Changed Oil
New headlights
I also flushed the entire cooling system because the heat wasn't working that great.Now it is hotter than hell.
The car does need some work like i said.The ABS light is on but i had a guy here locally look over the whole car and he said it needs tie-rods and could use some struts on down the road because it has a noise up front.I just drove it over 500 miles and it drove fine.I would just rather have another SC and i will trade someone this car and a little cash if someone has one they would like to trade.I'm looking in the $2,000 thousand range so if you have one that you want three grand and up i can't swing that at this point in time.I want to state though that i'm not getting rid of this car because there is something wrong with it because it runs great starts right up shifts very smooth and is very good on gas(a ton better than my 93 SC).

The car is red with grey cloth interior which i'm in the process of cleaning.It has power windows,locks,cruise,rear defrost and A/C (which don't work).Everything works on ths car (except A/C).If you are looking for a great winter car or a cheaper means of transportation this would be it.I have priced the struts and tie-rods from autozone and they are very cheap and this car is very easy to work on.If i don't trade for an SC i will just keep the car and drive it back and forth to work which is what i bought it for in the first place.I just miss my SC which is down now for some work i'm doing to it now.
Let me know if someone would like more info...
Thanks Dave