View Full Version : Abs Pump Motor Turning On Too Soon???

01-14-2005, 06:52 PM
Hey, just wondering, would air still trapped in the lines cause the ABS PUMP MOTOR to turn on too soon? Say 3 Pumps? Cuz i just replaced my accumulator with a new one from PRIOR and i still havent bled the brakes after replacing the ABS SYSTEM, i press the pedal in 3 times and the ABS PUMP MOTOR kicks in, anyone?

01-15-2005, 02:27 AM
Air in system = bad pressure, otherwise we'd just use air instead of brake fluid. The accumulator builds like 2500psi of pressure inside. Easier to hold pressure when it's fluid in there, and not air.

Now you got the thing running, bleed the rears with the key on, then turn the key off to do the fronts. You should hear the ABS pump cycle on and off as pressure is released from the bleeder, and the pressure fills back up. Don't let your pump run too long when you bleed the rears or you'll burn it up and have to take it all out again to R&R the pump motor.

Keep an eye on the fluid level or you'll be doing it all over if air gets back in there. Don't fill past the "Charged Accumulator" mark if the accumulator is pumped full, or it will spill out the top and eat yer paint. Ready to boat anchor that ABS System yet? :rolleyes: