View Full Version : Brake Calipers... REMAN or NEW?

01-17-2005, 02:55 PM
hey, is it possible to get NEW BRAKE CALIPERS? or just go with the REMAN ones? the reason i am asking this is because my left sided brake caliper is extra worn out and when i brake it seems, like im rolling on blocks, u know that tilt feeling, like the caliper grabs on and lets go and grabs on and lets go, and there is alot of noise from it, also, it has warped my other rotors, so i think i should replace it right?

fast Ed
01-17-2005, 03:43 PM
The only new ones still available I'm aware of, are the 93 - 97 style rear calipers. These are made for the thinner rear rotors used on the newer cars. New from Ford, they come complete with brake pads, sliders, and mounting anchors. Maybe check with Dan Newman for a price on them. F6SZ 2553 AA for the left side, and F6SZ 2552 AA for the right. You can only use these, if you change to the 93 - 97 rear rotors as well.

Front calipers are not available new from Ford any more for the 89 - 92. The later style cannot be substituted on the front, because of the completely different mounting system.

Ed N.