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Ryan A Harris
06-30-2002, 10:18 PM
Today I swapped a '90 s/c pulley onto a '95. On the "test drive" everything was great. 15psi, what a feeling. after letting the car cool for about 3 hrs I needed more. So I hop in the car, start in up & the boost gauge was at o. gave it some gas, it stayed at 0.
After opening the hood, I didn't find any vac leaks, or at least couldn't feel any. So I shut her down.(the gauge stayed at 0) and the bypass valve(I think it was that) near the back of the s/c, closed with a weird hissing sound, like air being relaesed. That had never happened before. Is this just a vac leak I have missed, or is there something I did wrong by swapping over the pulleys. The s/c snout seal was also replaced.

I also had both i/c tubes off. I had just purchased some cool i/c gaskets from tbird 88. they worked great.

Anyway I'll be getting up early on moady to try to find this problem. Please any insite would be great.

Thank you guys for any help you give.

06-30-2002, 10:23 PM
that noise you described is normal dont worry. that is the waste gate closing and releasing the vacume that it was holding to keep it open. as for the gauge: check on your vacume hose routing sticker under the hood and see where the boost gauge vac hose goes on the intake. check to c if it is unhooked. if you cant find it shout me an email and ill check mine. if this isnt it it coulda came unhooked at the back of the gauge in the cockpit.

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06-30-2002, 10:31 PM
check the black tube that is on the drivers side up by the ACT (Air Charge Temp) sensor probably fell off, i was installing a new autometer boost gauge and before i installed it my boost gauge just stayed at 0 happened the same day i got my new one, luckyly i had a new gauge, when i went to hook up the new tube to the little nipple by the act sensor i saw my stock tube for the supercharger air boost line was disconnected, and i had to run a T with the stock and the new tube together so they both work now. but i'm pretty sure its that, it fell off on me and the same thing happened, car ideled funny, seemed like it wanted to die. because of the vacum air leak.