View Full Version : Another Rad Fan question....

02-01-2005, 10:27 PM
Sorry to keep asking questions on this topic, but my daily driver has crapped out on me and I now have no choice but to drive the SC for the time being

My situation is the rad fan is not working - at all... when the A/C is on, when the car is very warm etc, the thing will not come on. strangly, the temp guage rarely goes above halfway, and if it does not very much but driving the car today it will randomly jump from right by the "C" to halfway, then back down again in the span of a few seconds.....

I checked the CCRM, I put a working one in from a friends 95 SC and still no rad fan. there is no power to the fan motor leading me to believe that it must be something else but what else could it be??

I at least need to temporarily wire the fan so it works, at least on low speed... can someone toss out a few ideas on what would be best? I would like to know which of the three wires is what on the harness to the fan (ground, high and low speed) so I can at least get something going.

many thanks in advance!

02-02-2005, 12:32 AM
I don't have schematics for a 94, but once you get them try this:
1) There may be a fusible link between the battery and the IRCM. To check it just check for voltage at the appropriate wires at the IRCM.
2) If you are not sure whether a 94 IRCM is the same as a 95, then try yours out in your friend's car.