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07-01-2002, 08:54 PM
I am looking to upgrade myexhaust on my 90 sc, I have found a shop that would custom bend me a exhaust that would be 2 1/2 down pipes to a 3" center section back to 2 1/2 pipes with all new cats ,resinator and borla mufflers. The only problem is that its $1,400 , I want to start working on the motor but I cant untill I get the exhaust done. Does anyone have any sugestions as to a cheeper way out I live in queens ny, do any of you know any other places around me to try thanks

07-02-2002, 09:03 AM
Are you supplying the mufflers and resonator yourself? I'm guessing no at that price. I would look into getting the parts somewhere cheaper than they are going to sell them to you at the shop, then checking out some other shops for price quotes on the install. I went to a place just outside Trenton, NJ called Mufflex - they only do exhaust work and a lot of it high performance. Don't have the contac info. handy but just do a search and it should come up. I supplied the mufflers and resonator, they did the install and pipes from res back for $350.00 and it only took half a day...