View Full Version : Need help, running rough and codes set

02-11-2005, 08:34 PM
Ok, car is idling really high, checked all vac connections, replaced vac hoses, checked all IC tubes/connections.

The car threw a code 67 and 88.

67 is a neutral ~~~ switch, a/c input high
88 is a electronic fan faliure- I cut the 14 wire to keep fan on all times

Car ran great after HG replacement, been over 2 weeks no problems. Now as of 2 days ago car is idling high but above idle car runs real strong and no problems.

I have replaced IAC, TPS, MAF and am at wits end....

Can someone help give me a suggestion of what else I could have missed?

02-11-2005, 10:01 PM
code 67=according to the actron scanner book,
improper signals are being recieved from either the Neutral Drive Switch (NDS), Neutral Gear Switch (NGS), Neutra Pressure Switch (NPS), Cluch Switch (CS), Manual Lever Position (MLP) sensor or Air Conditioner Clutch (ACC).
Air Conditioner (A/C) on during self test..

Just what this book says... no clue on what it means. but , i tried.

or could it be possible you need to retorque the bolts on the heads??? might be a leak?? Just a thought... what about your Barometric sensor?

I am thinking of trading in the sc for an old carb car, seem a lot easier on my checkbook..