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bad cat
02-12-2005, 01:01 AM
well abought a week ago my cruise would stay on when i put on the bakes when i start my car i have to use a quarter to jump the silanode and my brake lights dont come on any more
so if any budy has had to change there brake sensor could you tell me the easiest way
its a 90 xr7 aod

02-12-2005, 02:52 PM
If you are talking about the little switch on the pedal, they are cheap ($5) and easy to fix.
MAKE SURE TO REMEMBER how it comes off and WHAT ANGLE the switch sits on the pedal as it has to go back on the same way..
Push your seat all the way back and crawl under with a anngled "All" and a flashlight.
Pop off the retaining spring/clip whatever it is called wit the angled "All".
Then theres a washer (Think it was plastic).
Push brake pedal a little and slide switch towards the passenger side just a little bit so the one side of the switch bracket comes off the end of the stud. The other side of the switch braket has a big slot cut into it so it will pop up and off without having to slide the master cylinder rod/shaft off the stud on the pedal. (It will make sense when you get under there).
Don't loose the plastic bushing, and note which way the lip on it goes on the stud.
Disconnnect the wire harness (2 Wires).
Install in reverse..

edit....Found part #. Borg Warner Part #S785 - Stoplight Switch