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Evil Inside
02-14-2005, 01:54 AM
problem_child_02: what did you do to your grandmothers car?
camrycreationz: alot
camrycreationz: wz up
problem_child_02: nothing
problem_child_02: Is that really your Yota?
camrycreationz: yea
problem_child_02: what does it run?
camrycreationz: i dont run just styling
problem_child_02: all show and no go?
camrycreationz: yea
problem_child_02: and with all that extra weight it's just getting slower
problem_child_02: do you have a cranking stereo?
camrycreationz: not really
problem_child_02: any gizmo's or gadgets?
problem_child_02: my little brother has like a TV in front and a TV in his trunk with an X box
camrycreationz: nice thats pretty good
problem_child_02: what do you have?
problem_child_02: do you burn through alternators?
camrycreationz: not really
camrycreationz: 1998 toyota camry
problem_child_02: kool
camrycreationz: with bodykit dropped to the floor
problem_child_02: how do you navigate speed bumps or hills?
camrycreationz: speed is no problem & i know how too avoid bumps and there is no hills in floride
camrycreationz: florida
problem_child_02: well I mean like some places have little hills
problem_child_02: I have a 1991 Thunderbird SC
problem_child_02: it's not dropped to the floor
problem_child_02: but it's pretty low
problem_child_02: my factory effects rub
problem_child_02: but I've got enough torque to almost drop the rear bumper cover
camrycreationz: when a car is dropped u too get on a hill
camrycreationz: u got too go in a angle
camrycreationz: and very slow
problem_child_02: so with a car like yours you have to go slow?
camrycreationz: not really but if u want too take care of the bodykit u have too drive slow
problem_child_02: wouldn't it be easier to trailer it?
camrycreationz: look at my profile thats how my car looks like just a different color
problem_child_02: it looks like a poor man's lexus 300
camrycreationz: yea ofcourse i have airbags
problem_child_02: why would you do that to a camry?
camrycreationz: u know why
camrycreationz: who those it too a camry
problem_child_02: my 89 year old grandmother has a camry
problem_child_02: it's blue though
camrycreationz: who hookes up a camry
problem_child_02: I dunno
camrycreationz: nobody
camrycreationz: thats why
problem_child_02: yeah...no one...there's probably a reason
camrycreationz: it's different
problem_child_02: not really...how different can it be if you ripped off the one on your profile?
camrycreationz: more chances for me too win in a car show
problem_child_02: oh...my car is sorta show
problem_child_02: but it's mostly race
problem_child_02: there are a few guys in my car club that have show cars
camrycreationz: u own a car club\
problem_child_02: no one owns it
camrycreationz: are u the president
problem_child_02: nah...I'm like attorney general
camrycreationz: which means
problem_child_02: I'm an important guy
problem_child_02: I make sure that people meet my standards
problem_child_02: or else we mess up their body kits
problem_child_02: that way they can't be in the club
problem_child_02: plus you have to be at least quick
problem_child_02: if u cant beat the slowest car
camrycreationz: and how many cars u guys have
problem_child_02: u cant get i
problem_child_02: like 20 or 30
problem_child_02: they are rare cars only
problem_child_02: and you have to have spent at least 10 grand in mods
problem_child_02: even though some cars aren't worth that much
problem_child_02: like u spent more on your mods then the car right
problem_child_02: cause you look like u spent a lot
camrycreationz: yea
problem_child_02: do you have naws?
camrycreationz: but i dont spend alot i do my own work
camrycreationz: u mean nos
problem_child_02: no man
problem_child_02: naws
problem_child_02: you gotta spell it like you say it
camrycreationz: i dont race
problem_child_02: oh
problem_child_02: I have a 350 shot
camrycreationz: i could if i want
problem_child_02: with twin super turbo chargers
problem_child_02: me n my club developed a system where u can shoot naws right into the turbo
problem_child_02: and it wont damage anything
camrycreationz: what u do
problem_child_02: i own a shop
problem_child_02: tricked out trenz
problem_child_02: we carry a full line of APC stuff
problem_child_02: thats all I use on my car
problem_child_02: like 75% of my car is plastic
problem_child_02: cause of the weight
camrycreationz: wht u run
problem_child_02: hi 9s
camrycreationz: if i want too race my car i could run low 10s
problem_child_02: what engine do you have
problem_child_02: I have a UB40
problem_child_02: it's from England
camrycreationz: i would have too change my engine
problem_child_02: u have 4 cyl?
camrycreationz: yea
problem_child_02: stick with it
problem_child_02: its light and can create madd power
camrycreationz: yea i know
problem_child_02: I might change mine to a C3PO with a turbo
problem_child_02: with a BOV for more power
camrycreationz: i could drop a twin turbo
camrycreationz: in my car
problem_child_02: kool
problem_child_02: I have that
problem_child_02: with the naws setup
camrycreationz: supra
problem_child_02: put your naws up front that way you get more weight up there
camrycreationz: no naws
problem_child_02: thats kool
problem_child_02: i have right hand drive
problem_child_02: with all momo steering and stuff

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