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02-19-2005, 02:14 PM
todat i went to install my incooler tubes and when i seporated the tubes from the intercooler i found oil. i just replaced the headgaskets,last fall and had a miss. so i bought the sealing kit from 88tbird,i figured that ,would cure my miss. well then i found the oil ,had i not sealed it good before and thats why i have the oil? or could there be something else wrong? jusy wondering if any one else has found oil in their tubes and looking for suggestions. thanks for any help.

MIKE 38sc
02-19-2005, 02:34 PM
Oil in the intake tract(IE IC system) is normal in high mileage SC's and is most likely caused by piston ring blowby. The oil comes into the system via the PCV valve. Sometimes its just a stuck PCV valve but 99.0% of the time its blowby.

02-19-2005, 03:45 PM
Hello Steve.
I recently replaced my intake gasket due to a coolant leak and had the same issue.
It usually collects in the lower end of the intercooler.
You can clean out the intercooler with some mineral spirits.
Just let sit for a few hours or better overnight.
I was suprised how much yuck came out.
Now that the engine is back together (also with Tbird88 gaskets) the engine runs fine.
For the PCV valve get the Motorcraft EV-145. When I first got the car I replaced the PVC valve with an AutoZone Deutsch (Douche haha) brand and the engine missed and ran weird.
After replacing it with the Motorcraft it smoothed out.

02-19-2005, 08:43 PM
thankx for the info i appreiciate the help. maybe now i can get this running right.